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September 19, 2014 1:35 pm

Zipper <3


Zipper <3

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”Sin! Think of all the things we can do with this power.”

I love these chapters. In chapter 34, Sinbad found a mentor and almost like a father figure in King Rashid. He is even the one who taught Sinbad to write his own story of his adventures. And hell yeah, it gives me feels because those novels are the very thing that inspire Alibaba to go on an adventure of his own. Ugh I love this type of connections. And Sin really looks up to King Rashid, look at how he smiles out of so much admiration for the man.

And then there is older brother but still a shota Ja’far taking care of Hinahoho’s child. Ja’far’s character development is too much, thanks to Sinbad (Sinja feels!) and the others he found a new reason to live, and that is to protect these people. More than killing or assassination, Ja’far’s hand is no longer meant to kill people. Years from now those hands will help Sin create his own country and giving people a place where they feel safe and wanted. Holymackerel fucking feels for my snarky ninja-assassin shota Ja’far (I will never get over this nickname I had for him).

And it was Ja’far who was able to activate first his household vessel. Look at those adorable faces of Sin and Ja’far. Shet. And I think this is actually the first time he called Sinbad, ”Sin”. Wohoooo.

Household vessel = lifetime contract to be together. Must think of a nickname for the bae. ahahahaha. Sinja feels. //screams// 


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magi tea?? sadly I might actually buy this i love tea

aladdin (Blend of jasmine tea and peppermint)
alibaba (Keemun tea with fragrance of blood orange and bergamot)
morgiana (Keemun tea with fragrance of rose)
judal (Ceylon tea with fragrance of blackberry)
sinbad (Blend of keemun and ceylon tea with fragrance of hibiscus, litchi and ylang-ylang)
ja’far (Blend of green tea, ginger, cinnamon and lemon myrtle)

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"I respect Keicchi very much, I think of her as my no.1 rival. I always think that I don’t want to lose to Keicchi, I respect her that much."

Yoshida Akari (140916 NMB48 Teppen radio)
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