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Morgiana and the Fanalis are the Red Lions of Alma Toran.



**Not sure if anyone made a connection already, but I’m itching to share

See, in Chapter 222, we learn that besides the Mother Dragons, the Red Lions are the other species that live at the bottom of the “Continental Rift”


In chapter 211, Mu takes Morgiana aside and tells her what…

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  • Ohtaka Shinobu: look at this cute family i've created
  • Ohtaka Shinobu:
  • Ohtaka Shinobu:
  • Ohtaka Shinobu:
  • Ohtaka Shinobu: it would be a shame if something
  • Ohtaka Shinobu:
  • Ohtaka Shinobu: happened to it
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"The image is an illustration from the vol 10 DVD. The outfit for young Sinbad from the Middle East, I remember this was used as a reference to his national outfit.

Thank you again for this week’s issue of Magi. The Alma Toran scenes found in volume 12 to 16 that Aladdin had will soon be connected to upcoming chapters.

Please bear with this a little longer”

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No puedo creerlo… esto es más homosexual de lo que pensaba.

1. Gon quería presentarle a su padre (alguien que no ha visto jamás) a Killua (su BFF 4 ever)

2. Gracias a buscar a su padre conoció a Kaito (discípulo de su padre)

3. Le presentó a Killua y se sintió feliz.

Aquí, en esta secuencia de…